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Equipment Maintenance & RepairOur Chicagoland Qualified Mechanics Specialize In A Variety Of Equipment.

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  • Clarke Floor Scrubber Servicing

    Floor Scrubbers

    Floor Scrubbers, also known as autoscrubbers, usually consist of dual rotary scrubbing heads combined with a cleaning solution dispensing and suction system. The entire unit is almost always battery powered. Floor Scrubbers allow opertors to dispense a cleaning solution, agitate that solution with the scrubbing heads, then vacuum the contaminated solution with the assistance of a squeegee; all in one pass. Seperate containers make it simple for operators to refill clean solution and dispose the contaminated solution. There are two main types of floor scrubbers, walk behinds and riders.

    Details & Pricing

    Common Services

    Janitorial Squeegee ReplacementSqueegee Replacement
    Floor Scrubber Battery ReplacentBattery Replacement
    Autoscrubber Wheel ServicingWheel Replacement
    Details & Pricing
  • Tornado Propane Burnisher Repair


    Burnishers typically consist of a single rotating pad which is powered by a small motor that is usually located above the middle of the pad. The burnisher rotates the pad at speeds between 1000 to 3000 RPMs. The most common type of burnisher is propane powered, however electric and battery powered burnishers are also available. When operated properly the quick rotation of the pad creates a glossy look on floors that have finish applied. Floor burnishers allow you to provide your customers with a level of shine that is unattainable with any other piece of janitorial equipment.

    Details & Pricing

    Common Services

    Floor Burnisher Pad Driver ServicePad Driver Issues
    Floor Burnisher Cable ReplacementCable Replacement
    Cleaning Equipment RefurbishingRefurbish Service
    Details & Pricing
  • Chicago Floor Buffer Repair


    A floor buffer is a piece of janitorial equipment that is used to strip or clean non-carpeted floors, such as VCT. Floor buffers are made up of a single rotating pad that typically spins between 150 - 750 RPMs. Many buffers also have a gravity fed liquid dispenser attached. Buffers don't have any type of suction system, and their most common use is to agitate floor finish stripper. All floor buffers are either electric or battery powered. We also repair units that are intended for residential use.

    Details & Pricing

    Common Services

    Floor Buffer Repair ServicePad Driver Issues
    Chicago Commercial Equipment CleaningEquipment Cleaning
    Illinois Floor Buffer RepairWater Tank Installation
    Details & Pricing
  • Commercial Vacuum Repair Chicago


    Vacuum cleaners use a pump to create suction that can be used to collect a variety of contaminents or liquids from nearly any surface. Vacuums intented for carpet also have a cylindrical spinning brush that flicks the dirt and dust towards the suction. Vacuums come in a variety of sizes and models— small battery-operated hand-held devices, upright vacuums that are used to remove contaminents from carpeted areas, and wet vacuums that are used to collect liquids are just a few to name. Many wet vacuums include a squeegee to assist in gathering the liquids.

    Details & Pricing

    Common Services

    Chicago Vacuum Belt ReplacementBelt Replacement
    Pro Team Vacuum Motor Repairs ChicagoMotor Repairs
    Hoover Vacuum Cable ReplacementCable Replacement
    Details & Pricing
  • Chicago Carpet Extractor Repair

    Carpet Extractors

    Carpet Extractors consist of a water dispensing system that allows the operator to dispense either water or chemical solution, a rotating cylindrical brush that agitates contaminents and brings them to the surface, and a suction system that collects the contaminated water. Operators can easily refill the clean solution and dispose of the contaminated solution thanks to seperated tanks. Carpet extractors are typically used for light carpet cleaning and carpet rinsing. Most carpet manufacturers cite hot water extraction as their preferred method of carpet cleaning.

    Details & Pricing

    Common Services

    Wisconsin Carpet Extractor RepairSystem Clogs
    Illinois Carpet Cleaning Equipment ServicingElectrical Issues
    Illinois Carpet Cleaning EquipmentEquipment Cleaning
    Details & Pricing
  • Chicago Snow Blower Servicing

    Snow Blowers

    A snow blower is equipment that is used to remove snow from large areas, such as a parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, or houses. Snow Blowers usually consist of a single rotating blade that grabs snow and sends it to another rotating blade that thrusts the snow through a chute. We mostly see gasoline and diesel powered snow blowers, however electric powered snow blowers are common as well. Snow blowers are seasonal equipment so they require some special attention between seasons. We recommend our preventative maintenance program for snow blowers.

    Details & Pricing

    Common Services

    Chicago Snow Blower Blade ReplacementBlade Replacement
    Illinois Small Engine Repair ServiceEngine Repairs
    Cleaning Equipment Preventative MaintenancePreventative Maintenance
    Details & Pricing

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